Conference Information

1) Conference Topics

The conference sessions will cover a wide range of topics, including the following key areas:

  • Chemistry
  • Enzymology
  • Biotechnology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Agricultural Application
  • Medical Application
  • Pharmaceutical Application
  • Environmental Application
  • Others and Related Polysaccharides

The major topics of the conference are divided into 4 sessions: (A-) Application and Materials, (B-) Biology and Medicine, (C-) Chemistry and Physics, (E-) Enzymology.

2) Access to Kansai University

The conference venue is in Senriyama Campus of Kansai University (KU) located in Suita city. Senriyama Campus of KU is located on northern part of Osaka, about 20 minutes from downtown Osaka (Umeda) by Hankyu Train. Kandai-mae station is the nearest station (5 minutes walk to KU).

Access to Kansai University

Access to Kansai University from Kansai International Airport (KIX)

There are mainly two ways to get to Kansai University from KIX.

1) Using Airport Bus & Train

First, take the Airport Bus from KIX to Umeda (Hotel New Hankyu)
The Hotel New Hankyu is very close to Hankyu Railway station (Umeda station)
(ca. 60min/1,550JPY)
Next, take the train bound for “Kita-senri” and take off at the “Kandaimae” station.
The timetable is shown below. □ letters indicate Local trains for Kita-senri.
(ca. 20min/220JPY)

2) Using Train

Go to “Tengachaya” station first from KIX using Nankai Line.
(ca. 40min/920JPY)
Get out this station and get in to the “Tengachaya” station of Osaka Metro.
“Tengachaya” station of Osaka Metro is just in front of the exit of Nakai station. Osaka Metro and Hankyu Line are directly connected at “Temjinbashisuji 6” station. Thus, take the train bound for “Kita-senri” and take off at the “Kandaimae” station. (ca. 35min/470JPY)
Route search is available using the following web site.

3) KU Campus Map

Most of people use Hankyu line to come to Kansai University. There are three entrances to KU. We strongly recommend to use the MAIN GATE. Please follow the red line from Kandai-mae Station to Main Gate of KU. Do not use West Gate and South Gate if this is the first visit to KU. Many people lost the way and there are several steps. The conference is held in the Bldg. 4 at Science and Engineering area.

KU Campus Map (Senriyama Campus)

4) Floor Map of Bldg. 4 at Science and Engineering Area

Floor Map of Bldg. 4

5) For Oral and Poster Presenter

For Oral Presenters

Special lecture (SP-) will be given 30 min (including discussion) for the presentation.

Plenary lectures (PL-) will present for 20 min (including discussion).

Keynote speakers (KN-), Young Researcher speakers (YG-) and Oral speakers (O-) will present for 15 min (including discussion).

All speakers are requested to bring their own laptop and connect it to a display switcher which was prepared in the Room A (4201) and B (4202). Room 4101 is available for checking the connection of your laptop. Speakers are encouraged to ask to the staffs there and look over their slides with self-responsibility before their Oral Session starts.

For Poster Presenters

Poster boards will be set at Room C (4301) after the Special lecture. Please display your poster during the lunch time (12:10 to 13:00 on 28th). The presenter must stay in front of the posters for discussion during the obligation time (13:10 - 14:40) at Room C (4301). The poster must be displayed during the conference and peeled off after 16:00 on 30th.

Obligation Date and Time
  • Odd number: 13:10 - 14:30, 28th (Tue)
  • Even number: 13:10 - 14:30, 29th (Wed)
Poster Award
An examination is given to the poster presenter of student. Excellent poster presenters are awarded a prize at the closing ceremony.
Maximum poster size should be 850 mm wide × 1200 mm tall.
There is no printing service.